Sam Villa

5.5" Swivel Shear

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Product Description

The Sam Villa Signature Series 5.5" Swivel Shear offers increased flexibility. By being able to keep the wrist straight and the elbow down in all cutting positions, the ergonomic benefits are increased helping to create more comfort and control during use.

Benefits Features

Blade length from tip to pivot point: 2.25". Weight: 2oz.. Designed by Sam Villa for professional stylists. Constructed from 100 percent Japanese molybdenum alloy. Provides swivel thumb benefits of added flexibility and increased comfort and control. Rotating crane handle lets you cut with your elbow down in every cutting position. Handcrafted convex blades that start out sharper and hold their edge longer than typical machine beveled blades. The forward set thumb puts the hand in a natural, neutral position for reduced strain injuries. The edge life is extended with the leaf spring tension system. Polymer lining in the pivot point eliminates the metal on metal grinding of the shears.