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Copper Round Brush

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Copper Round Brush - 1.75" 175055
Copper Round Brush - 2" 175056
Copper Round Brush - 2.5" 175057

Product Description

Introducing 1907's FIRST copper barrel brush, the newest technology in hair care only by Fromm. These brushes come in a variety of sizes to meet the styling needs for all hair types and lengths. Why copper? Premium thermal properties provide superior temperature control to evenly heat hair 30 percent faster. That means reduced hand and wrist fatigue for you! Antimicrobial elements destroy 88 percent of bacteria and fungus to help eliminate dandruff, itching and flaking. Achieve a glossy, voluminous style with unique 2-in-1 technology. Handcrafted 100 Percent Boar Bristle strip and waved nylon bristles provide extra grip for shiny, polished hair.

Benefits Features

Copper Core Barrel: Evenly dries hair 30 percent faster. Antimicrobial Elements: Destroys bacteria to help prevent dandruff, itching and flaking. Boar Bristle Strip: Handcrafted for steady grip and high shine. 1.75" for short hair, taming flyaways, and creating perfect tight curls. 2.5" is just the right size for everything! 3" delivers a little more oomph! Ideal for long or thick hair, the super grip gets every strand and the extra large barrel gives you outstanding volume that will last and last.