Cutting Tools
Cutting Tools

Having the right cutting tools at your station not only sets you up for success, but keeps guests coming back for more!

Cutting Tools

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Hairdressing shears are a specialty shear significantly sharper, and designed specifically for cutting hair. Shears typically range from 5-7 inches long. View all our professional shears & texturizing/ thinning shears in this category.

Razor cutting is an industry technique used to create softness or add texture. Some stylists will choose to cut an entire look with a razor, simply to create the look the guest is going for. View our range of professional razors and carving combs in this category.

Texturizing shears help eliminate blunt lines, extract weight and control texture from your guest's hair.

Check out these kits that will provide you with everything you’ll need to get you started with cutting in the wonderful world of hairdressing!