Hot Tools

Flat Iron Cleaner

8.00 OZ / 236.00 ML

Product Description

HOT Tools Professional Styling Iron Cleaner - 8oz

How to Use

Spray on entire surface of unplugged warm iron. Leave for 1 to 10 minutes depending upon build up. Use a non-abrasive scrub pad for Teflon appliances. Wipe off all cleaner with a damp clean towel until build up is removed. Irons are ready for use as directed immediately after cleaning. Additional cleanings may be necessary to remove all build up. HOT Tools Professional Styling Iron Cleaner is safe to use on the following surfaces: gold, ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline.

Benefits Features

For tourmaline, ceramic, or metal flat iron plates and curling iron barrels. Wipes off burnt-on, caked-on styling product to prevent build-up. This formula is safe and non-toxic.