ForFex FX780 Cord/Cordless Trimmer


Product Description

The cord/cordless FX780's new ultra-thin blades feature a fine-tooth pattern for precision detailing. Included are two blades, a 30mm U-blade and a 45mm T-blade. Both are ultra-thin Japanese steel, designed to hold hair in place, eliminating multiple passes for a faster, more efficient cut. It also includes two ultra-slim T-edge comb attachments of 5mm 1/4" and 10mm 3/8" , has a rechargeable NiMH battery for improved charging functionality, a hold-all charging stand, charging light indicator and 10-foot power cord.

Benefits Features

Powerful, lightweight DC motor. Ultra thin 30mm U-blade/45mm T-blade made from Japanese steel. T-edge comb attachments: 5mm and 10mm. Rechargeable NiMH battery. Hold-all charging stand. 10-foot cord. Cord/cordless rechargeable for maximum convenience.