Platinum Professional 1" Flat Iron


Product Description

GHD Professional 1" Styler offers ultimate results, for healthier hair. This styler causes less breakage with heat styling, protects against color loss in hair and leaves hair feeling and looking healthier. Softens hair for the perfect styling finish! (GHD Platinum Professional Styler 1" - SKU 178939.)

How to Use

Separate hair into sections before running the styler through each section slowly. Ensure that the styler is as close to the root as possible before closing the plates. Gently move toward the tip of the section in one simple gliding motion. Repeat the process with each section of hair, gliding once from roots to ends. Platinum's ergonomic design and patented wishbone hinge ensures superior resultswith minimum effort, meaning there's no need to squeeze the styler tightly during use

Benefits Features

Prevents breakage, protects against color loss, leaves hair looking and feeling great.