Replacement Blade Sterling 4 & Mangum


Product Description

PROFESSIONAL SELECTION: From Wahl Professional's commercial grade line of products, our Detachable Replacement Blade number 2111 was designed for professional use only with Wahl Professional full-sized clippers. SUPER SURGICAL CUT BLADE Our Detachable Replacement Blade number 2111 is a precision workhorse that leaves a cut length of 1/64" and is great for surgical prep and trimming. Enjoy an efficient close cut with high precision, high grade steel stainless steel blade. COMPATIBLE WITH NUMEROUS CLIPPERS The Detachable Replacement Blade number 2111 is a state of the art standard trimming blade that will fit your Wahl Echo, Beret, MEG, and Sterling 4 trimmers. DETACHABLE FOR EASE OF USE This blade is detachable, meaning that it is easy to snap on and off. This makes routine blade cleaning a breeze while the blade itself is manufactured to resist rust and c