Reward Points

Regis Corporation stylists who have reward points can use those points as a payment method for purchases on Tools for the Pro.


Regis stylists must first affiliate their Tools for the Pro account with Regis Corporation to gain visibility to any earned incentive points.  This can be completed in the Account Dashboard.

1)      Click on the “Affiliate with Regis Corporation” link in the Account Dashboard

2)      Complete the required fields (payroll ID, birth month, birth year) and hit the submit button.

3)      You should now be able to see any earned points in the Rewards Point section within the Account Dashboard.  Your current balance and balance history will be present.


2 Reward Points = $0.01


You can redeem your points at checkout.  If you have a current point balance, you will have the option of using points as one of the payment methods.

IMPORTANT:  If you elect to pay with points and the cost of your purchase is higher than the $ value of your points, the website will use all points first before asking you for another payment method.  You cannot use partial points or select a specified point amount when you elect to “pay with points”.