Joewell Shears

S4 Series Shear 6.0"


Product Description

Joewell Shear S4 Series 6" is the product of an evolutionary process that is unique in the world of stylists. The process began with the desire to build a pure cutting tool uncompromised by the need to appeal to a spectrum of stylists. S4 Series shears are great for detailed work, light hair cutting and even powerful cuts. Offset handle design easily fits into the hand so the wrist, elbow and shoulder can relax when operating the shears. The flat screw does not interfere with the cut when using a comb and can be easily adjusted. The finger rings allow you to size the finger holes for the most comfortable fit.

Benefits Features

Great for detailed work, light hair cutting or even powerful dramatic cuts. Offset handle design is easy for hands and fingers to fit into handles without wrists hurting at the end of the day.